What you can expect during the week:

We believe that one of the core keys to growing as followers of Jesus is in a learn together in a small group context. We also value our life together outside Sunday gatherings so we meet at different times throughout the week for coffee, times of prayer, celebrations, birthdays, discipleship, fun, laughter, bible studies and times of learning.

The groups will look different from group to group but will be gathered around a few core principles: prayer, learn, care, discern.

  • Prayer will involve listening to the Holy Spirit together and often praying for one another.
  • Learning will happen through focused bible studies or reflecting on teaching or other material.
  • Care will involve how we support and care for each other.
  • Discern will be how the Holy Spirit is leading us to engage our lives in our places of work, study, ministry and ultimately how we continue to connect and love our neighbourhood.