Our Story:

The Strathcona congregation began in January 2005 among people who were residents and friends of those in Downtown Eastside (dtes) and Strathcona area. Many of us were initially connected to Jacob’s Well (jacobswell.ca) and a Vineyard congregation in the north Langley area, who had blessed us to plant in the dtes.

We began by meeting in a friends’ Living room every other Sunday for the first 10 months. By the end of 2005 we relocated to Strathcona Community Centre for  for our “worship gatherings” and in 2018 we moved to our new location at 431 Princess Street (Strathcona church).

The church was initially led by Joyce Rees (joycerees.ca) and in 2007  Dawn Humphreys became the Lead Pastor.

We desire to be a community living out the words and works in our neighbourhood and beyond. To that aim we are held by four core values:

Passionate Worship (Matt. 22:37) While we highly value our corporate worship times we believe that our lives are to be spent in a constant and continuous encounter with Jesus. Worship is not just what we do for an hour on Sundays, it is a lifestyle of submitting ourselves to the only King who deserves our allegiance. Worship is a mysterious blend of mercy, holiness, love, adoration, repentance, awe, obedience, and joy.

Intentional Discipleship (Matt. 28:19-20) Once we find our life in Jesus we are then called into a life of being disciples and helping others become disciples of Jesus. This simply means we become apprentices of Jesus – constantly growing and maturing in our reflection of Him. Jesus was committed to helping his followers live how he lived and to say what he said. Knowing the Bible and applying it to our lives, and helping each other do the same is essential to growing as followers of Jesus.

A Lifestyle of Justice (Micah 6:8) We believe that when we follow Jesus he has a specific destination in mind. Jesus says the good news of his kingdom is for the lost, those without hope, and those who are treated with injustice. While this can apply to all people in our society, we know that it is the poor and marginalized that often suffer the most severely. Living justly means we live sacrificially. It means we become a voice for those who are being treated unjustly. We are not satisfied with a lifestyle of increasing comfort and wealth if it means others go with out the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Authentic Community (Rom.12:10) We make no promises about being a perfect community. Our weaknesses and deficiencies will become very obvious as we journey together. What we do believe we can model is the kind of devotion that scripture calls us to exhibit. We want to be the kind of community that adds value to each others lives. Therefore we will speak the truth in love, forgive and ask for forgiveness, and learn how to serve each other in ways that builds up and encourages one another.