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Small Groups at Strathcona Vineyard

by Stephen

We believe that the best way to grow as a follower of Jesus is to be connected with others who are wanting to learn and grow as followers. Small groups have  a way of making that process of growing and  learning much more accessible. We have ongoing small groups and we also often launch small […]

Doubt and Faith

by Stephen

There are times when we deny our doubt or keep it suppressed because it unsettles us or makes us feel nervous. This is especially true when we see injustice continue and those who abuse power prosper. One very good way to deal with our doubt (or double-mindedness) is to bring it into an act of […]

Thankfulness as a Lenten Practice

by Stephen

During Lent, we often become more aware of our need for God (especially if we are fasting something!) or more aware of the way the brokenness that we all carry impacts others. As God meets us in these places, we can also reflect on how good God is and how much knowing Jesus makes our […]

Reflecting on stewardship during Lent….

by Stephen

If you searched online you will have discovered that there is a lot out there related to stewardship. Product stewardship, environmental stewardship, agricultural stewardship and stewardship related to faith. As we think about stewardship in relationship to Lent perhaps you have one of two reactions: (1)  I’ll only be aware of  how much needs to […]

Lent and the Poor

by Stephen

Lent, as many of you know, is the 40 day period leading up to Easter. It is often seen as a time to examine and reflect on our relationship with God and others. There are four disciplines that are most commonly associated with Lent to help us in this regard: prayer, repentance, giving to the […]


by Stephen

Breathe into us Holy Spirit, that our thoughts may be holy. Move in us Holy Spirit that our work, too, may be holy. Attract our hearts Holy Spirit that we may love only what is holy. Strengthen us Holy Spirit that we may defend all that is holy. Protect us Holy Spirit that we may […]