We are already deep into Fall. We know that from the rains that finally arrived in Vancouver in mid October! But Fall also signifies something new. If summer meant holidays, times of fun outside and a more relaxing rhythms, Fall often signifies hunkering down to more activity inside as students return back to school and many of us return to a rhythm of life at work and play. This shouldn’t get us down though as there is much to look forward to for the rest of the year!

This Fall we have embarked on a series in the gospel of Luke. We want to remind ourselves of Jesus life and ministry and how we are called as followers of Jesus to live a life of faith that is centred on Him. Sometimes, in the swirl of things, we forget that our life of faith, in its simplest form, is a call to listen to Jesus and trust Him as we obey what he calls us to do.

We have spent this entire year examining what it means to live a life of faith. During the early months of this year into Spring, we studied some of the Old Testament characters as they wrestled with what it meant to live a life of faith in their context. We spent summer asking some hard questions as our faith encounters times of doubt, suffering, financial challenges or adversity. We also spent the summer reading and praying the whole book of Psalms as we  cultivated a practice of obedient faith through regular rhythms of prayer.

As we continue into Advent and Christmas, our hope and longing is for our faith to grow. We want to have deeper relationships with Jesus and one another and we long for people to come and join us in the journey of faith. We look forward to meeting you on any given Sunday.