This is a post written for those who may be looking to visit a church.  Perhaps you are looking to find out more about Jesus, maybe you are curious as to what Christians do in church, wondering what is different about a Vineyard church or looking for a church home.

NLV Strathcona is a small group of people- we are like a family.  If you come on Sunday at 4pm expect us to be setting up dinner (a potluck- guests don’t have to bring anything though) and people are chatting with each other.  We say a short prayer and then sit around some tables and have a bite to eat.  There are children, students, those with disabilities, First Nations, Asians , white people, quiet people, colourful dressers, musicians, Brits, Swiss, etc. 

After our short dinner we put away the tables and rearrange the chairs in rows to worship.  We begin with an informal array of announcements and sharing and then begins worship which is preceded by a prayer. Worship usually means a couple people up front with guitars and a piano and anyone who wants singing along.  We have a sermon by our pastor Dawn, or a member of our congregation.  This week Jamie will be giving a sermon on Noah as we are going through a series of talks on people of faith in the bible and what it means to walk by faith.  After the sermon there is time for people to be prayed for (if you have something in your life, or healing you would like) and to pray for others.  Sometimes there is music playing at the same time.  Most weeks we offer communion at that time- the bread and body of Christ represented by a broken loaf and juice that those who believe in Jesus are welcome to partake of. And that’s about it!  Afterwards we collectively clean up, put away chairs, and wash dishes.

It’s a warm welcoming place- we would love to have you.

601 Keefer Street at 4pm every 2nd Sunday- check the Calendar (the post before this one) to see which weeks we meet there